BowieBot or @Jareth is a bot maintained by @Fist.

The bot serves multiple purposes with the public facing functionality including a discord based gacha game provider, reminder system and a stream notifier.

Data Retention

Discord User IDs, Discord Message IDs and internal information such as gacha inventory or reminder text is held on anyone who uses the bot. All other data such as actual message content and usernames are only held in transient forms as required for operation of the bot.


Stream Notifications


There are no commands intended for general use in relation to MHF functionality.


It's what it reads as, you can be reminded about things.

Reminder Commands

!remindme 1 day 2 hour 3 minute 4 seconds `text to remind about`
The time format works with most arbitrary versions, but should always be largest to smallest format. The reminder text itself is optional, you will always be linked to context in reminders.
Lists all reminders bound to you, the IDs may be used with !forgetabout
!forgetabout ##
With ## as an ID from the !listreminders code.


Functionally, this is notifications for when vtubers go live on youtube. Twitch support is planned eventually. Commands can be executed anywhere, including DMs with @Jareth.

If you want a Vtuber added to this, mention or DM @Fist with a Channel ID, Name and a suitable headshot for the emote. Headshots need to be transparent in the manner of existng ones.

Newest streams are indicated by a pulsing blue border. Streams that may not be permanent or are going to be removed are indicated by a pulsing red border, if you want one of those retained you will need to contact @Fist.

Stream Notificationss

Live Notifications
!subscribeto Pekora,Okayu,Watson
Would add you to the list of people to notify when Pekora, Okayu or Watson go live or are due to go live within 15 minutes. The command requires matching the case used by @Fist internally, use !vtuberlist to see this or check the reference below.
!pewdiepie Pekora
Would remove you from the list of people to notify when Pekora is live or will be live soon.
Shows you all channels you are subscribed to.
Show you a list of all channels you could subscribe to notifications for.
Will subscribe you to all current notifications. You will need to redo this when any more channels are added.
Will unsubscribe you from all notifications.

Available Channels

This may not always be up to date, use the !vtuberlist command with @Jareth to be sure to see all available channels.

The most recent additions are marked by pulsing borders, red borders are pending blue are likely permanent.

Hololive JP
AZKi Miko Roboco Sora Suisei
Mel Haachama Fubuki Matsuri AkiRose
Shion Aqua Ayame Choco Subaru
Korone Mio Okayu
Noel Rushia Pekora Flare Marine
Luna Watame PPTenshi Towa
Lamy Nene Botan Polka
Hololive EN
Mori Kiara Gura Watson Ina'nis
Brown Sana Fauna Kronii Mumei Rrat
Hololive ID
Moona Risu Iofifteen
Ollie Melfissa Reine
Hana Hisui Selen
Chigusa Shirayuri Kano Sasaki Kana Asano Sisters Haneru Ars Kotone Kohigashi Inui Mito Sana
Not Coco Not Lulu
Nijisanji EN Pending
Millie Reimu Nina Enna
The latest Niji ENs, these may be removed depending on if @Fist likes them, if you want one retained be sure to tell him as much.

Recently Removed Channels

If you want one of these back, simply contact @Fist.

Uto Choco Sub


Gacha is relegated to the #gacha-📌👀 channel, they will not work elsewhere. There are no benefits, roles or anything else tied to the Gacha outside of arbitrary leaderboards.

Recent Changes & Incident Reports

Nothing of note recently.


If you want something from any other media entry added you simply need to find or source (with permission) a properly styled transparent icon for whatever that thing is.

Things I am unlikely to add are mostly things that are massively out of place such as actual porn, your fursona, your roleplaying OC, etc.

To get things added to the MHF-Q quizzes you can simply visit this form to submit questions.
You can also DM @Fist batches in the format of:
Series Question Option 1 Option 2 Option 3 Option 4 Correct Answer with each being separated by a tab.

Gacha Commands

Normal Gacha Pulls
!gachapull ##
## being the number of pulls up to a maximum of 15.
Normal pulls cost 3 Trial Coins.
Bonus Gacha Pulls
!gachapullbonus ##
## being the number of pulls up to a maximum of 15.
Rarer items have higher weighting for bonus pulls.
Bonus pulls cost 5 Bonus Coins.
Prismatic Gacha Pulls
!gachapullprism ##
## being the number of pulls up to a maximum of 15.
Lower Star Rating items are removed from the reward pool for bonus pulls.
Prismatic pulls cost 2 Prismatic Coins.
Banner Gacha Pulls
!gachapullbanner ##
## being the number of pulls up to a maximum based on the active banner.
Pins within the #gacha-📌👀 channel will contain the available banner and next scheduled banner, if any.
Mercy systems to guarantee certain rarity or banner exclusive items can be available on a per banner basis.
Available options for the mercy systems are for a certain number of pulls, hitting the maximum total pulls and for hitting the daily maximum number of pulls.
Banners may have any, all of or none of these mercy systems available.
Currency type and amount per pull will vary with banner.
Inventory Display
Displays your inventory with the most common items pruned down to a total count.
!gachainventory all
Displays your entire inventory including commons.
!gachainventory 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Displays a specific or multiple specific star ratings from your inventory.
!gachainventory mainline frontier
Displays only items considered as from frontier or mainline, works in conjunction with other filters above.
!gachainventory dupes
Filters down results to only duplicates, will return nothing with tiers or all defined. Skips items that are unable to be traded.
Inventory Search
!gachafind giaorugu
Searches within your owned item names and internal tags and returns a count of all items matched, most practical uses are with specific monster names or categories. e.g. 'loli', 'brachydios'.
Search is fuzzy and will find partial matches within 7 characters of difference from the query while ignoring the 'Zenith ' section of a name.
!gachafind giaorugu dupes
Identical to the above but only returns items of which you have two or more copies of. Can be used in conjunction with other parameters.
!gachafind giaorugu types
Identical to the above but returns items with their internal name and type in code blocks. Can be used in conjunction with other parameters.
!gachacount giaorugu
Searches within your owned item names and internal tags and returns a total count, most practical uses are with exact categories. e.g. 'loli'.
!gachaview `giaorugu` `loli`
Searches within your owned items for an exact match and returns a full size icon image for the result. Type may be omitted. Most items you will want to trim to simply their name, but some will have an internal name of their full description e.g. a polaroid of tommy wiseau and will need to be entered in full.
Most types do not have unique imagery separate from the other types but some such as banner items will.
Balance Display
Displays your current balances for main gacha currency types.
!gachabalance full
Displays your current balances for all currency types.
Flavour and Fluff Commands
!gachasoda !gachajuice !gachachips !gachapoop
Flexes your meme item count.
Flexes your unique monster icon count.
!gachafight @discordname `monster` `type` `item` `type`
Allows you to trigger a fight with another person.
Valid types are loli, waifu, shota, husbando, npc.
!gachafight @discordname `random`
Selects random valid fight candidates from yours and the other player's inventory to fight.
Adds you to the @Battler role.
Removes you from the @Battler role.
!gachabet side amount
Bets the amount of fight money specified on either left or right monster in a fight.
Requires a fight to have been agreed to and be in the betting window.
Amount may be entered in the form of 500, 50% and all which bets 500 Fight Money, 50% or 100% of your Fight Money respectively.
All balances are reset to 500 Fight Money each day at midnight server time.
Fight Money gets converted into Trial Coins at the end of each day with a ratio of 10:1 and the value always rounded up.
You have to have bet during each day to have conversion take place.
!gachatrade @discordname `monster` `type` `item` `type`
Allows you to trade items of the same rarity with someone, only works with same rarity items.
Valid types are loli, waifu, shota and husbando.
Statistics Display
Displays your total counts for most item types.
Achievements Display
!gachacheevos !gachaachievements
Displays all achievements you have unlocked.
MHF-Q Quizzes
Grants you the @Quizzer role to be pinged when a MHF-Q event happens.
Removes you from the @Quizzer role.
To get things added to the MHF-Q quizzes you can simply visit this form to submit questions.